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Celebrities` Perfumes: Designing or Just Selling

Nowadays famous people seem to be the driving force in the perfume industry. Everyone has the impression that every Hollywood young star creates her own perfume and variety of cosmetics.

But do they really create them? Well, that really depends on a person and how much she wants to be involved in the process. Celebrities with a long-term career are most likely to take an active part in the process of designing and development since they want a scent that is the expression of their own image. Image means a lot in Hollywood and that is what makes sales and keeps you in the headlines.

Inexperienced starlets may make the mistake of giving their name to any product, which promises the fast way of earning money.

It seems that Celine Dion gave a lot of her personal efforts to the development of her perfume. It does not mean, however, that she chose the ingredients from the fields herself but it implies that she carefully followed the development process selecting what sort of scent she wanted and participating in the packaging and marketing of the product.

One more example of such an active participation in the production of her perfume is Jennifer Lopez. She has had the experience of working on a cosmetics counter that`s why she is likely to know a little more about the process and the desirable result than some other stars. She cooperated with a cosmetics company, which developed the primary scent and after that she added a hint of sake that finishes the fragrance just perfectly. To finish its outer design, Jennifer Lopez added a fake diamond ring to the neck of the bottle.

This was used to emphasize her love for jewelry. So, she put a lot of her personality onto her perfume. Unlike Celine Dion and J. Lo, Paris Hilton was not actively involved in her perfume design. Although she did a lot for the marketing campaign, on the whole she made an insignificant contribution and left everything to someone else to decide on. Maybe this is the most authentic expression of her personality: a person who does little for herself since there is always someone to do it for her. One of the first famous women to develop her own perfume was Elizabeth Taylor.

The opinions were mixed. Many reviewers thought that celebrity perfumes were merely the latest craze and would soon be over. Nevertheless, the growth of their popularity seems to be constant. The original designer brands have withstood the test of time, but will celebrities` perfumes manage to do so?

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