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How To Buy A Diamond Ring?

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

How to Buy a Diamond Ring: Step by step

1. Learn as much as you can about diamonds – The easiest way is to spend a few minutes reading our diamond tutorial and our ring tutorial — we feature the most comprehensive and unbiased treatment of diamonds and rings available on the web, and we constantly update it to reflect new trends and information. Toronto has its fakes and credited stores, you will learn about the 4 “C’s”, how to detect fakes, how to judge cuts, what questions to ask your jeweler, how to select a setting, and lots of other important topics. An informed consumer is a smart consumer. Invest the time and do your research, and you will get the best diamond ring for your money.

2. Don’t forget about Internet jewelers – The Internet is quickly becoming a popular way to purchase diamonds

3. Ask questions! – Members of the jewelry industry as well as other consumers regularly monitor the industry. You will usually have several answers back within a few hours from a wide variety of individuals — from industry experts, to fellow consumers.

4. Learn the price of diamonds – Once you’ve narrowed down your selection and you’ve selected a jeweler, the last remaining task is to negotiate the best possible price. Just like you wouldn’t purchase an automobile without knowing its factory-invoice cost (from such sources as Consumer Reports* or BlueBook*), you should not purchase a diamond based solely on the jeweler’s stated price.

5. Buy it! – During this process, be sure to reference our negotiation tips. And after the purchase, come back to our site for information on care & cleaning.

Tips for Buying Diamond Rings and Other Fine Diamond Jewelry

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Giving a diamond ring is a great way to say, “I love you” to that special someone or to propose marriage. But when you set out to find that perfect diamond ring or any diamond jewelry, you can quickly become confused with all the offerings available today. It’s important that you know what to look for in diamond jewelry.

The Four Cs of Diamonds

Look for the four Cs of diamonds. These are clarity, cut, color, and carat weight. Clarity signifies the presence or absence of irregularities or imperfections in the stone. Imperfections may appear as bubbles, spots, or lines. The clarity is often determined by the passing of light through the diamond. The fewer imperfections the diamond jewelry has, the more valuable it will be. Clarity is graded on a scale from flawless (FL or IF) to imperfect (I) according to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) quality analysis scale for diamond jewelry.

The diamond’s cut is also important. The cut is what gives a diamond its brilliance and determines the number of facets in the diamond. The “round brilliant” cut is the most popular diamond cut, especially for an engagement ring.

Diamond color also determines the value. Colorless diamonds are the most valuable; however, diamonds with color are popular for non-proposal gifts. Diamond colors range from D (colorless) to Z.

A diamond’s carat is the actual weight of the diamond, not the size. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. One ounce contains 142 carats. Larger diamonds usually have a greater value for each carat.

Real Diamonds are set in Real Jewelry Pieces

When you shop for a diamond ring or other diamond jewelry, be sure it is set in real gold jewelry for its band, necklace, bracelet, or earrings. There are 14K cubic zirconia jewelry pieces that might contain what “looks like” real diamonds, but they are actually simulated (or manmade) diamonds.

Look for the trademark in jewelry such as 14kt gold necklaces, 14kt gold earrings, 14kt gold bracelets, and diamond rings.

Buying Diamonds Online

When buying diamond jewelry online, be sure the jeweler offers a Jewelry Certificate of Authenticity. Check with Better Business Bureau Online to be sure the retailer is trustworthy. The BBB Online will show if there have been any complaints or reports of fraud against the company. This will give you peace of mind while shopping.

Use search features at jewelry sites to find just the right diamond jewelry. Look for the four Cs mentioned above and ask about the diamond’s weight if it’s not provided at the website. Also, check to be sure the shipping and handling will keep your diamond safe. Find out if shipping insurance is available and what types of packaging is used. Also, ask for assistance if you have questions. A dependable online jeweler will be available to help.

Online jewelry stores usually carry an assortment of jewelry items ranging from a 10kt or 14kt gold necklace with or without attached slides or stones, a pearl necklace, 10kt or 14kt gold hoop earrings, tennis bracelets, diamond rings, pendants, and other fine jewelry pieces.

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