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Buying Jewelry Wholesale

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

One tip for when you’re looking to buy jewelry wholesale is to look for wholesale companies that sell a wide range of products rather than just jewelry. That’s one of the best ways to recognize a store that’s a genuine wholesaler, not just a jeweler trying to cash in on the desire of buyers to find a bargain.

When buying jewelry wholesale online, it’s important to be very sure you’ll get what it is you’ve ordered. Check for words in the sales copy that could be misinterpreted – for example, ‘realistic’. Often that is a clue that the item isn’t genuine. Check for a refund or exchange policy, and a money back guarantee. These are important, because you need to be confident that you have the option of getting your money back if you’re not happy with the quality of the goods you receive.

Pearls, Pearl Jewelry and the Celebrities who Wear Them

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Class, style, timeless, sophistication, intelligence…these are a few of the words to describe pearls and the women who wear them. With so many actresses and other famous women of modern times sporting bigger and more sparely pearls, pearls have made a big comeback. And it doesn’t look like they’re going to fade away anytime soon. Things have changed as today it’s just not the size of the pearl that makes it a statement, so much as it is a combination of the pearls themselves along with the celebrities who are wearing them. Yes, pearls are certainly enjoying resurgence!

Celebrities and other famous women influence much of the look and style in today’s fashion world while also setting trends. Yesterday’s style masters, Jackie O and Princess Diana, come to mind as both projected a glamorous elegance that so many women have strived to emulate. And who could forget Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? These women dressed with flair and accessories with style and everyone wanted to be just like them. As homage to Old Hollywood glamor, here’s a look at pearl jewelry made famous by some of our most beloved ladies.Biler Combo C4

1. One of the earliest known pearl collections is the Mary Queen of Scots pearls. The most famous piece within this collection was a six-strand necklace strung as a rosary and consisting of more than 600 pearls. Queen Elizabeth I of England was a collector and lover of these pearls.

2. A legend known for her diamonds, not surprisingly, also loves pearls. Actress Elizabeth Taylor owns one of the world’s most famous pearls, the La Peregrina pearl, which was given to her in 1969 by then-husband Richard Burton. This very large, pear-shaped white pearl was found by a slave in the early 1500s in the Gulf of Panama. The magnificent gem was owned by a long line of royalty, starting with Mary Tudor, the daughter of King Henry VIII, before Burton purchased it at auction for Taylor. Interestingly, Taylor once misplaced the famous La Peregrina pearl in her white-carpeted home. After an extensive search, guess where the pearl was found? In one of her beloved dog’s mouths.water slides

You can be a star!

So, here’s a little insight on how you can be a fashion standout. There is an endless supply of imitation pearls and costume Jewelry Pearls on the market. Playing around with them won’t cost you a fortune, can be very fun… and might even inspire you to be a fashion trendsetter. Why not mix various lengths or sizes of pearls together or entwine a silver or gold chain? How about mixing your real pearls with your imitation pearls? Remember when a new season hits, freshen your wardrobe with the latest pearls!commercial inflatable water slides for sale

Pearls are available in many hues – you could get several colors, lengths and styles and wear them with your little black dress for many distinct looks. But this season the popular color is lavender. And the lavender family are various from pale iris to plum. Have you seen pearl rings in the magazines? From small, understated rings to over sized ones, pearl rings are hot.jumping castle for sale

As a result, you can see that pearls will never go out of style – they are always a classy and a traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint. You would not be wrong in saying that pearls are forever.