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The Difference Between Diamond Necklaces And Diamond Pendants

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Diamond pendants, being made up of a small piece of jewelry hanging from a metal chain, will generally have less diamonds embedded into each pendant compared to diamond necklaces that may have diamonds linked to each other all throughout the length of the chain. Some people may prefer to wear diamond pendants because the beauty of the few diamonds or one diamond set into the pendant may be prettier or more appealing to see, than a host of diamonds linked to each other in a diamond necklace. But other people may like their jewelry to be flashier so they choose diamond pendants because these can show off more diamonds to whoever is watching.

Diamond necklaces may be of three types of length – you can buy the choker length, the princess length, or the opera length. Choker length diamond necklaces are those that surround the neck slightly above your collarbones. Princess length diamond necklaces are those that will hang lower than your collarbones or maybe drape just over the collarbones. (Princess length diamond necklaces are usually the most popular type of diamond necklaces bought by consumers.) The last type, the opera length diamond necklaces, are definitely more dramatic than the first two types because opera length diamond necklaces may hang over your dress front or blouse front – and so are more obvious to see. The jeweler that sells diamond necklaces to you may also have diamond necklaces that are variations of these three main types.