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Knowing What To Look For Buying Diamond Jewelry

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

In judging diamond jewelry it is a common occurrence to get a diamonds shape and the cut mixed up. The cut of a diamond describes the performance of light, dimensions, and finish. Shape is just the outline of the diamond from a top view. In judging diamond jewelry you must make sure there is a good cut. The cut of the diamond has the biggest effect on the sparkle of the diamond. A diamond that has immaculate color and is very clear can look dull with a poor cut on the stone.

In judging the value of a diamond the color of the diamond is a major factor. The diamonds with the least amount of coloring are worth the most. Even a very small amount of color in the gem can make it so the diamond’s brilliance is diminished. The higher grade the diamond is the more expensive it will be.

The weight of the carats in the diamond is important when judging diamond jewelry. The diamond in the jewelry in terms of its weight is measured in carats. Considering diamonds that are larger are also rarer than smaller diamonds the value rises very much when the weight increases. If you are buying a diamond from a wholesaler they must by law tell you the carat weight in the piece of jewelry.

In judging diamond jewelry look to see how many flaws are on the diamond. Flaws, also called inclusions, are rare and are highly valued. How the clarity is graded is based on the number, size, location, and type of the flaws found within the diamond. Make sure the flaws are picked out as if they are not the diamond will be much more expensive.

Make sure to check the cut, carat weight, color, and flaws on the diamond in the jewelry to make sure you are getting the best deal. Considering a diamond can be very expensive it is wise to understand all of these factors or get a professional to judge it for you. Also make sure the diamond is certified as the certification will guarantee its authenticity.