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Archive for March 23rd, 2011

Building Up Your Costume Jewellery Design Business

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Building Up Your Costume Jewellery Design Business

So you’ve created your first few pieces of jewellery, even maybe sold a few pieces to friends and family, so what do you do next ?

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can start to build your business and we hope that the following suggestions will help you to springboard your success.

Selling into small retailers Selling to friends, family Other avenues Craft & Church Fairs Going world wide

1. Selling Into Smaller Retailers

By offering a commission of 10-20% you could approach a number of smaller independent retailers, and ask them if they would consider stocking a line of your jewellery. Set up an appointment with the buyer, ensuring you have a range of samples to show and a price list at which you are wishing to sell, also stating what percentage you are willing to offer the retailer.

Approach retailers where women attend, such as beauty salons, hairdressers etc, as this could be a starting point, but retailers such as bridal outlets and garden centres also may be willing to take on your jewellery line.

2. Selling To Friends & Family

Host a jewellery party at home and invite friends & family. Display your goods professionally on a large table, set up on a plain coloured cloth and place handmade A-cards with prices either neatly written or typed. Have some cards made up, inviting your friends to host a jewellery party at their home, offering the host a 10% commission, in goods for hosting the party. You will be surprised at how quickly the word spreads.

3. Other Avenues

Venues are always looking for either a way to raise funds for themselves or ways to help good causes … On the same basis as selling to friends & family, if you feel comfortable going into other surroundings with your goods, then you could again offer a 10% commission to the venue for hosting the jewellery party (or offer as a donation to a good cause). Venues which work well for Jewellery Parties include public houses, work canteens & school fairs.

4. Craft & Church Fairs

Craft fairs and church fairs are another avenue for you to sell your goods, but there is usually a fee involved for attending. Search online, for local craft fairs, near to your town and contact the organisers to find out their fees and availability is, if this is something you may be interested in. Larger event like ‘Steam Fairs’ are usually very well attended and this is something we have done ourselves in the past, although not recommended if you have young children with you.

5. Going world wide

By offering your products to a wide audience, you increase your business potential to a much wider scale. Setting up a website with an online payment cart, allowing customers to purchase from the comfort of their own homes, or even from their mobiles, with today’s technologies, you will be able to offer your products worldwide. Of course by having your own website, you will be able to showcase your new designs to both new customers and repeat customers. When selling at jewellery parties, craft fairs or whatever other method you use, make sure you have plenty of business cards or flyers with your web address printed on it.