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Archive for March 29th, 2011

Buying Gemstone Rings

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Gemstone rings are worn around your finger and are made from gold, platinum or silver. The precious metal used very much depends on the type of gemstone used; the more valuable the gemstone the higher value of metal is normally used.

There are two types of eternity rings, full and half. A full eternity ring features gemstones all the way around, normally a more expensive gemstone ring which features precious gemstones and harder to re-size at a later date should you need to. A half eternity ring is very similar to the full eternity but the gemstones are only set in half of the ring being on the topside of your finger.

A solitaire gemstone ring is a ring that features one gemstone. This look is very popular with engagement rings. A good quality oval cut sapphire; ruby, emerald or tanzanite is a popular choice for solitaire rings alongside the most popular being a diamond.

A gemstone cluster ring can be designed in many ways; however, will always feature several gemstones to make up the cluster. A gemstone ring, which looks like a flower design is, know as a cluster ring.