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Natural Pearls Or Cultured Pearls Which One To Buy ?

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Natural pearls grow naturally in oysters living at sea without the human intervention. When any irritant or a parasite enters inside an oyster or mollusk then the process of natural coating begins with layer upon layer of nacre inside the oyster. But natural pearls are rarely found now-a-days. On the other hand culture pearls are very real and genuine. These cultured pearls are formed with the human help when a nucleus is implanted inside the oyster and then the process of coating begins with layers upon layers of iridescent substance called nacre and it takes about 2-5 years to form a complete pearl depending upon techniques and where it is grown, sea or rivers among other conditions. Reflection and refraction from the translucent layers truly determines the unique luster quality of pearls. The display of iridescence in pearls is result of overlapping of successive layers.

All the pearls found and sold in the market today are cultured pearls, be it fresh water or seawater pearls. Fresh water pearls are generally grown in ponds, lakes or rivers whereas seawater pearls are grown under sea waters. Fresh water pearls are known by fresh water pearls name only and sea water cultured pearls go by different names such as Akoya. Tahitian and South sea water pearls depending upon the bivalve mollusks types producing them. No matter fresh water or sea water pearls, quality and price again depends upon the size, shape, lustre, color and surface etc.

Precious or semi-precious stones didn’t always sparkle on their own. As the modern techniques developed, rough diamonds were cut and polished to give brilliance. So were the other precious and semi-precious stones. New harvesting techniques also helped to grow cultured pearls as lustrous as natural pearls, and almost all the pearls sold in the market around the world are cultured pearls now. Because of their natural lustrous appeal pearls have always been sought after by women to enhance their beauty with one of the nature’s best bounty.

The Beauty of Pearl Jewelry Necklace

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Pearl jewelry necklace is perhaps one of the most sophisticated pieces that you can buy or wear. For this reason, many women choose to wear pearls on special occasions such as proms, weddings, and anniversaries. Pearls look great with just about anything, and with so many different colors and styles available today, women of all ages can enjoy pearl jewelry. A pearl necklace can be purchased online through one of many jewelry dealers, or it can be purchased through a local retailer or wholesaler. A pearl jewelry necklace is a great addition to a wedding gown because many women choose to wear a white gown. Even colored pearls look good with a wedding gown because they are not overly colorful and they don’t take away from the beauty of the gown or the beauty of a woman. Because pearls come in a variety of sizes any woman can find a pearl jewelry necklace that will flatter her on her big day and a necklace would not only look great, but other pieces such as earrings and bracelets can be purchased as well to complete the whole look. Other options are handcrafted beaded jewelry and crystal jewelry. If you would like a pearl jewelry necklace that will deliver the beauty and simplicity of the pearl with a bit more pop, you might want to consider mixing pearls with other jewels. If you browse around jewelry stores online or in your local area you will find that pearls and diamonds look absolutely beautiful together. The diamonds don’t have to be huge, so it doesn’t have to increase the cost of the pearl necklace, but it can bring something extra to the piece. Look for different diamond cuts as well as diamond sizes to see which combinations appeal to you the most. If you are a fan of fashion jewelry and you are not finding a pearl jewelry necklace that suits your style, maybe you want to put together your own necklace. Fashion jewelry is actually quite simple to put together and you can teach the techniques to yourself or you can take a couple classes to learn how to create your own pearl necklace. When you buy the pearls themselves it will cost a bit, but it will cost less than if you purchased the pearl jewelry necklace already put together, and you just might like the process more because you get exactly what you want!