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Selling Silver and Silver Jewelry

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Chemical symbol of silver is Ag. It can be drawn into wires that are finer than hair. Its atomic number is 47.Coins produced before 1853 contained close to 90 percent silver. Silver has always been an enigma. Nevertheless, it has always been with us. Undoubtedly, selling silver jewelry is a profitable venture.

Depending on the form and the knowledge, when and where to sell, will guarantee you good returns when selling silver. You can sell your silver jewelry at home parties, art fair, flea market, websites; word of mouth will also do the trick for you. Silver can also be sold as silver bars, silverware, flatware, sterling silver, silver coins and scrap silver to name a few.

A silver bar weighs 100oz that is almost seven pounds. It can be sold at local pawn shops; online auction can be a lengthy process. You can ship your silver and an agreement to sell it to the dealer; they in return will send you the check or deposit money in your account. Scrap silver can be sold to a silver refinery or recycler, online auctions, local pawn shops or to a coin dealer.

Silverware or flatware can be sold by an online auction, placing an advertisement in the newspaper or in magazines, catalogues or selling it in an open market commonly known as flea market. Internet offers wide range of options for the potential buyers; competition is one drawback though.

Sterling silver being the purest form of silver is the easiest to sell. Either on internet, newspaper advertisement or pawn shops, it’s always in demand for being 92.5% pure. Silver coins minted before 1964 yield more money because of their scarcity. Local dealer will pay you less money because he will resell the coins for more money. Online auctions will attract more attention and help you get the maximum value.

Silver in all form reaps good value. When in fancy form, it adds to the value. While selling silver and silver jewelry, few things should be kept in mind. These are: auction online; advertise well; research value; other places to look for are pawn shops, dealers, coin shops to name a few.

Tips to Clean Silver Jewelry

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

There are several methods that can be adopted for silver jewelry cleaning. However, while selecting the method you must take into consideration the degree to which the jewelry has been tarnished. If you are still wondering how to clean silver jewelry, here are a few silver jewelry cleaning tips that you could use.

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips- Commercial Products for Silver Jewelry Cleaning
There are a lot of commercial silver jewelry cleaning products available which include silver jewelry wipes, silver jewelry cleaning cloths, silver jewelry soap, silver polish, silver jewelry dip, ultra-sonic silver jewelry cleaner, silver jewelry cleaning kits, etc. If the silver jewelry has been tarnished to a large extent and appears very close to a black color, then it is best to use the ultra-sonic silver jewelry cleaner along with the sonic cleaning liquids to remove the tarnish. Other products can be used for regular silver jewelry cleaning or for a mild to medium tarnish.

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips- Homemade Products for Silver Jewelry Cleaning
There are a number of homemade products that you could use for silver jewelry cleaning and these can be made easily by using simple ingredients. One such homemade jewelry cleaner recipe for silver jewelry is mentioned below.

Materials Required
•1/4 cup salt
•1/4 cup liquid dish soap
•1/4 cup baking soda
•Aluminum foil
•A large pot

Line the inside of a large pot with the aluminum foil on all sides as well as the bottom. Mix the salt, liquid dish soap and baking soda in half gallon of water and pour it into the pot. Then, place the silver jewelry in the solution and place the pot on low heat for a few minutes. Turn off the burner and let the jewelry sit in the solution for a few more minutes. Strain out the solution from the pot using a strainer and rinse the jewelry under cold running water. Make sure you wash off the solution well from the jewelry, especially the salt. Then, place the jewelry on a clean, soft towel to dry. Dispose off the aluminum foil carefully.

Toothpaste for Silver Jewelry Cleaning
Using white toothpaste for silver jewelry cleaning can give excellent results. White toothpaste should be used for the purpose of silver jewelry cleaning. Firstly, you will need to dampen the silver jewelry to be cleaned. Then, take a generous amount of the white toothpaste and apply it to an old soft kid’s toothbrush. Gently brush the toothpaste onto the silver jewelry for a minute or two, then rinse it and dry with a clean, soft towel.

You will need to be very careful about the stones in the silver jewelry while silver jewelry cleaning. Make sure you do not put any porous stones into the cleaning solution as it may damage the precious stones. Make sure you store your silver jewelry in jewelry boxes rather than storing them in paper, cotton or unlined wooden boxes. Most importantly, remember to clean the tarnish off on a regular basis to avoid too much of it building up on your silver jewelry.