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Natural Pearls Or Cultured Pearls Which One To Buy ?

Natural pearls grow naturally in oysters living at sea without the human intervention. When any irritant or a parasite enters inside an oyster or mollusk then the process of natural coating begins with layer upon layer of nacre inside the oyster. But natural pearls are rarely found now-a-days. On the other hand culture pearls are very real and genuine. These cultured pearls are formed with the human help when a nucleus is implanted inside the oyster and then the process of coating begins with layers upon layers of iridescent substance called nacre and it takes about 2-5 years to form a complete pearl depending upon techniques and where it is grown, sea or rivers among other conditions. Reflection and refraction from the translucent layers truly determines the unique luster quality of pearls. The display of iridescence in pearls is result of overlapping of successive layers.

All the pearls found and sold in the market today are cultured pearls, be it fresh water or seawater pearls. Fresh water pearls are generally grown in ponds, lakes or rivers whereas seawater pearls are grown under sea waters. Fresh water pearls are known by fresh water pearls name only and sea water cultured pearls go by different names such as Akoya. Tahitian and South sea water pearls depending upon the bivalve mollusks types producing them. No matter fresh water or sea water pearls, quality and price again depends upon the size, shape, lustre, color and surface etc.

Precious or semi-precious stones didn’t always sparkle on their own. As the modern techniques developed, rough diamonds were cut and polished to give brilliance. So were the other precious and semi-precious stones. New harvesting techniques also helped to grow cultured pearls as lustrous as natural pearls, and almost all the pearls sold in the market around the world are cultured pearls now. Because of their natural lustrous appeal pearls have always been sought after by women to enhance their beauty with one of the nature’s best bounty.