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Men’s Jewellery Has Gained Popularity

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Previously, most men felt that wearing jewellery such as necklace was a symbol of ‘unmanliness’. They were in a habit of limiting themselves to wearing only wrist watches and they too were very simple and plain. However, recently male stars have started wearing fancy necklaces over a necktie. And this has made the necklaces so popular amongst men that almost every third man can be seen wearing a fancy necklace.

Some wrestlers are seen wearing chokers around their necks. Consequently, body builders have followed them and they can also be seen with chokers. When the football world cup was going on, some football players were seen doing ads with a necklace around their neck. Accordingly, young boys have followed them and are also seen wearing fancy necklaces analogous to those seen around the neck of footballers.

Some movie stars were seen wearing elegant beaded necklaces and middle aged men followed them. Along with other types of necklaces, silver necklaces with pendants also became popular among sophisticated men who want to ooze confidence and charm.

Many different surveys have proved that women are not the only ones who are wanting to wear jewellery. Men are equally desirous, and in fact they want to be much more fashionable than women of similar age groups. They have understood that dressing without a necklace is ‘just not cool’. Necklaces are meant to enhance smartness and personality if they wear it according to the occasion.

A necklace doesn’t only mean a metal necklace; you can also wear band necklaces which have gained much popularity among teenagers. Band necklaces are available in different colours which represents different purposes. For example, red coloured band symbolises an awareness of AIDS, a yellow band symbolises that the person wearing it is very friendly by nature, and a green band signifies that the person is a nature lover. These are the three most popular colours of bands that are seen around the neck of stars.

Necklaces for men are available in different forms and shapes. Today, it appears that a man is not fashion conscious unless he is wearing a necklace. Consequently, every man can find a necklace appropriate for him and can wear it at anytime with pride. So men have become more fashionable than before and consequently men’s jewellery has also gained popularity