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Small Loose Diamonds

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Small loose diamonds can have more than one dozen different shapes. The following article mentions some of the more common shapes. It does not mention the small diamonds that jewelers refer to as princess diamonds, bulett diamonds, radiant diamonds or baguette diamonds. Moreover, there is no reference to emerald cut diamonds in the article found below. Any of those diamonds can have clarity and polish as great as, or greater, than the clarity and polish on any of the certified and geometrically shaped diamonds mentioned in the following article. In addition, any of those diamonds can have a carat weight that lifts it into the category of top quality diamonds.

Whenever an expert jeweler cuts into a large diamond, that professional jeweler adds to the existing supply of small, loose diamonds. The law of supply and demand plays a part in determining the value for each single diamond. Yet the value, quality and price of loose diamonds depend, as well, on a number of other factors.

Anyone who plans to shop for small, loose diamonds needs to become familiar with each of the variables that factor into the determination of a diamond’s worth. Anyone who expects to pay a fair and reasonable price for a group of loose diamonds needs to learn both the aforementioned variables and the technical terms used to describe each variable.