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Selling Silver and Silver Jewelry

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Chemical symbol of silver is Ag. It can be drawn into wires that are finer than hair. Its atomic number is 47.Coins produced before 1853 contained close to 90 percent silver. Silver has always been an enigma. Nevertheless, it has always been with us. Undoubtedly, selling silver jewelry is a profitable venture.

Depending on the form and the knowledge, when and where to sell, will guarantee you good returns when selling silver. You can sell your silver jewelry at home parties, art fair, flea market, websites; word of mouth will also do the trick for you. Silver can also be sold as silver bars, silverware, flatware, sterling silver, silver coins and scrap silver to name a few.

A silver bar weighs 100oz that is almost seven pounds. It can be sold at local pawn shops; online auction can be a lengthy process. You can ship your silver and an agreement to sell it to the dealer; they in return will send you the check or deposit money in your account. Scrap silver can be sold to a silver refinery or recycler, online auctions, local pawn shops or to a coin dealer.

Silverware or flatware can be sold by an online auction, placing an advertisement in the newspaper or in magazines, catalogues or selling it in an open market commonly known as flea market. Internet offers wide range of options for the potential buyers; competition is one drawback though.

Sterling silver being the purest form of silver is the easiest to sell. Either on internet, newspaper advertisement or pawn shops, it’s always in demand for being 92.5% pure. Silver coins minted before 1964 yield more money because of their scarcity. Local dealer will pay you less money because he will resell the coins for more money. Online auctions will attract more attention and help you get the maximum value.

Silver in all form reaps good value. When in fancy form, it adds to the value. While selling silver and silver jewelry, few things should be kept in mind. These are: auction online; advertise well; research value; other places to look for are pawn shops, dealers, coin shops to name a few.

Silver and Zircon Jewelry Gifts

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Ever thought about gifting a silver jewelry to your loved one? While silver jewelry are much more affordable than any other it gives a very elegant look amongst all other types, according to my personal belief.

They usually come plain in silver or mostly with zircons. You can even flaunt wearing it telling everyone these are diamonds, and truly it does look like diamonds.

Do think about silver jewelry gifts, affordable, elegant, and satisfying!